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Martin's Biography
Birthday: July 23, 1961
Place of Birth: London, England
Astrological Sign: Leo
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5' 7"
Parents: Pamela* & David Gore**(Step-father)
Siblings: Karen and Jacqueline (half-sisters)
Marital Status: divorced, having married
Suzanne Boisvert on August 27, 1994
Children: Daugther, Viva Lee, born June 6, 1991
Daugther, Ava, born August 21, 1995
Son, Calo Leon, born July 27, 2002
Previous Job: bank clerk (c. 1979-1981)
Previous Bands: Norman and the Worms, Composition of Sound
*You KNOW his mom is HIGH QUALITY with a beautiful name like Pamela! [Note: website owner's name is also Pamela.]

** Here is what Steve Malins says about Martin's biological father, in his Depeche Mode Biography: "After his 31st birthday [1992], the songwriter was told that his real father is a black American, who'd come over to England in the late 50's. Gore's mother had kept the truth away from the judements [sic] of race-conscious Essex in the 60's. His real father had returned to America and lived in the South. According to a friend of the pop star, when the air met they shared a similar shyness and nevousness." (1999:168)

DISCLAIMER: This profile was pieced together from a variety of sources (ie. articles, books and websites) some of which I have NO idea whether or not the information is true. If you KNOW some of this information is incorrect....PLEASE e-mail me so that I can make the corrections. Thanks
Martin and his mom, c. 1985
Ava and Martin
Viva Lee
Calo Leon
[The above 3 photos were taken at Viva's 16th birthday bash-June 2007. More photos from her birthday can be found at]