Personal: Mom Update

August 7, 2013: This is an update that doesn’t really have to do with the website, but I have had a number of people email and message me asking about how my mom is doing. I hadn’t realized I left it open to question and I think it is so sweet that so many of you have cared enough to ask! Mom is doing well, she is over one year completely cancer free! YAY! And she turns 70 next week! She would probably tell you that 26 years ago this summer, she thought Depeche Mode  would be a “phase” I was going through! (Well, maybe it still is?)

Missing Photos!

I was clicking through the photo galleries tonight, looking for photos to post on Tumblr and I noticed there are whole photo galleries that are EMPTY! Where there were once photos they are gone! I can’t remember if I deleted them in an attempt to shuffle photos around or if they just magically disappeared.  All the more reason for me to find a new and BETTER place to house the Goregasm Photo Galleries. I’m working on it!

Happy Birthday, Martin L. Gore!!!

July 23, 2013: Today is  Martin’s birthday, and high time I did some maintenance on this website! I’ve been on Tumblr for a couple of years and I thought it might be a great vehicle for! So on this day that we celebrate the birth of Mr. Martin L. Gore, I have created a Tumblr account for! Click on the link on the right to check it out!

Website News

May 21, 2012: Hello All!

I am working on giving a new look. After finishing grad school last year my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She spent the majority of last year fighting it. At the beginning of this year I was hospitalized with bacterial meningitis and double pneumonia. I have fought back from a coma and I am almost at 100 %. I would like to now fulfill the promise I made last year of updating this website. I hope you all will like the results!

Yours, Pam